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2009 Ruckus®
Reviewer: RuckusGal
From: West Union, Ohio, United States
Email: whimscycle@yahoo.com
Date: 05/28/2010
Rider Height: 5' 4"
Miles/Hours: 150 miles
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All the Scoot I Need or Want

It's got enough power to cruise on some country roads, travel village streets to the grocery, or explore some light dirt trails. You can haul just about anything on it and outfit it with bags, baskets, topcases, whatever. I love my Ruckus scooter and use it in a "car free" lifestyle. Reliable, smooth, quiet, and very cheap to own. I am getting over 100mpg on it and getting up to 45mph on the flats. This is my second Ruck. Had a 2006 before this. Having a Ruckus brings joy, fun, and adventure into your life. I've ridden 40 miles and plan some longer rides that will involve over-nighters at a camp ground or B&B. I love this little scoot and would not trade it for a Harley! Go get one!

Upgrades/Accessories:  Underseat 20 inch duffle bag bought at Target; basket on the rear with hi-viz flag; bottle cages for long hauls requiring nutrition and hydration. Planning to add; side kick-stand and wind screen for cold weather riding; seat back; saddle bags.

Write your own Review of this Vehicle!

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